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Happy 10th Birthday to us

Early warning this is going to be a long post - or at least im setting out that way so you have been warned.......

This weekend marks my 10th birthday as being self employed / the start of Lord Photography. This to me is a massive milestone. From the early days where I used to get up at silly o'clock to go and photograph 200+ children and working through the night to ensure client orders were fulfilled on time, to where we are today, a multi award winning wedding photographers.

Camera work life started 20 years ago for me with a local studio, most of you will know The Garth Dawson Studio in Accrington and have either been in there for a passport photograph / family portrait or even having something framed. Here I met someone that i will happily say has had a massive input into where i am today with his teachings and patience with a little 16 year old. It wasn't easy back in those days on Film and remembering what film goes in which camera or even having the responsibility to load the Bronica 645 film backs and wondering "have i done that right?". Id like to think that back then i took on board what i was being taught not only in a photographic role but in how to deal with things when they dont want to go your way. In the second year working there, there was some news that, shall we say put things into perspective and responsibilities went through the roof. Id like to think that with how we pulled together and made every bride feel special and knowing nothing of "the outside world" it solidified my friendship with Reg Whittam. Today as i write this i can honestly say you are one of my true friends. There to help me out when ive needed it and pull me out the Do Do. I dont think he knows though just how much it means when i get a comment on one of my post from him saying how much he likes an image or even if he Pms me asking what the hell was i thinking! To you Reg Whittam I say thank you for the belief in me 20 years ago, to not only take me on work experience, but to then offer me a job and assist me in getting Lord Photography to where i am.

When i left working with Reg it was only because i had secured a job as a Crime Scene Investigator and that took me on a great 10 year Career spanning 2 counties and numerous late nights, call outs, court appearances and generally dealing with lifes nasties. Here i truly learned that there is always a way to get an image. This could mean that you had no lighting and you were focusing on someones lit up phone or a torch and then using Timed exposures and a shed ton of flashes from the Huge Metz45 flash guns with the quantum batteries that in the right temperature gave one flash and nothing else. Or it cold be that someone had raided your kit and took out your batteries or even a lens and you had to find a way to make it work. There was / were no second chances to get it right - this was also on film. You learned not to "spray and pray" that you had the image instead you thought about the image, what process you needed to follow after all there is no second chance when you have the M4 closed in rush hour to get all of it captured in detail. I truly loved this job and what came with it, but after all, your well being and also family need to come first and that is what happened. Myself and my one constant over 17 1/2 years of the last 20 years my wife Vicky made the decision together that we were going to move back Home - sunny Lancashire.

Over them years Vicky has been the one thats been the driving force ( otherwise known to all males as nagging in my ear ) in where we have come from making a £26.10 profit in our 1st year to single Handedly running our home and looking after our amazing family, allowing me to make the most of running the business. I know she gets mad at me when im replying to enquires at 10pm on here but thats the only time i get to reply to people. I just want you to know Vicky that if it wasn't for your support and love over these last 10 year i dont think i could of kept driving forwards to have the business thatI have to day! I thank you for being my wife, the mother of our children and the person that i can call my best friend.

This is where Lord Photography was really born - freelancing to start with and getting work in through family and friends. Ive looked back at the last 10 years work at trends and patterns that have been the "in" things and its funny how you see repeats in colour schemes or venues you dont work at for one year to the next and then your there 5 weekends on the bounce. I have also noticed a massive shift in the imagery that i am capturing on a wedding day too. Iam proud to say that we have reached our 10th Birthday and that i am looking forwards to what he next 10 years bring.

Finally, i would just like to say a massive thank you to past clients, current customers and also those that have been there through the ups and the downs that go with being Self Employed. Happy Birthday to us.

For getting to the end of this post there will be a great offer released on 1st December that will run for the whole of the month for a great Wedding package offer! Stay Tuned

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